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Safe haven transformed lives

July 23, 2016 8:53 am

Moving into the over 50s residential park home site Stonecliff Park in Welton transformed the lives of Mr Mansfield’s late parents.

“They moved to Lincoln from Scunthorpe to be nearer family in their later years,” Mr Mansfield explains, “but they weren’t happy with their first home here unfortunately.

“On the edge of a city estate they didn’t feel secure as there was regular crime that left them feeling vulnerable.

“I moved them into Stonecliff Park so that they would be nearer to me and their lives were totally transformed.  It is really lovely and they thoroughly enjoyed their time there.


“Mum enjoyed that the home was in a nice position, quiet and private, with lovely views from bedroom and kitchen overlooking farm lane and with views of Lincoln Cathedral.


“She also felt safe and had nice helpful neighbours, never heard anything about crime and could sit outside in afternoon sunshine in privacy looking out to the open fields.


“I couldn’t fault the site or home.  It was an ideal size and easy to look after and the people who look after the site are nice and helpful.”


The fact Welton village is so well catered for was also very helpful, including shops, doctors and heath service and a library.

“Mum enjoyed the social club, playing dominoes, cards and whist, there were always coffee mornings to go to and she was able to meet lots of people.”


The new owners won’t only benefit from all these positives of the site and village but also the care Mr Mansfield took of his parent’s home, fitting a new roof, new uPVC windows (bay windows and doors cladding) and a new kitchen.

125 Stonecliff Park, Welton is currently on the market for £55,000.  Click here for further information.

Call 01522 842730 to arrange a viewing.